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Several years of experience of corporate-level server-side programming using languages such as Node.js and PHP combined with database technologies like MongoDB and MySQL to build complex applications with priorities in efficiency and code maintainability.


Well versed in vanilla Javascript and its core concepts as well as various Javascript libraries and frameworks such as JQuery, Angular, Meteor, and Bootstrap. Extensive knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, leveraging their features for high memory efficiency and improved user experience.

Content Management Systems

Built and deployed a large variety of websites using various content management systems such as Wordpress and Joomla. Industries range from retail and medical, to staffing and food service.

Critical Thinking

Have collaborated heavily on many different projects requiring constant input, critical thinking, and on-the-spot problem solving. Strong grasp of MVC concepts and Object-Oriented Programming. There is no problem that can't be solved and there is no code that can't be improved.

I Am Brett Connolly

I'm a web developer living in Orlando, Florida. I have worked with companies like CHEP, VGlobalTech, Xulon Press, and am currently working as a Front-End developer at Marriott Vacations Worldwide. Development is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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Personal Drive

Languages, Frameworks, and Technologies

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  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Go
  • Fluent
  • Fluent
  • Fluent
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Beginner
  • Beginner
  • Noob
  • Noob

Frameworks & Libraries

  • SASS
  • JQuery
  • React
  • Meteor.js
  • Laravel 4
  • Wordpress
  • Express/Node
  • Webpack
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Angular(2+)
  • Fluent
  • Fluent
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate

Other Technologies and Skills

  • Visual Studio Code
  • ElectronJS
  • Phonegap/Cordova
  • Adobe CC
  • MAMP
  • REST
  • Git/SVN
  • MongoDB
  • Object-Oriented
  • Command Line
  • Fluent
  • Fluent
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate

The works I am proud of

Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Sales Center Technology

Sales Center Technology

Working with a team of 3 other developers with the creation and maintenance of Marriott Vacation Club's Sales Center Technology. The application assists company sales representatives in the process of selling vacations and timeshares and has significantly increased sales conversion rates since its implimentation.

The application is built to work offline, thus, all assets are downloaded ahead of time to prevent internet connectivity issues while live selling in the field. This application is built using a dynamic JSON structure (delivered via a Java-based server) that allows the company to create any number of presentations, including whichever modules they would like within those presentations, while also being adaptable to other language translations.

I primarly work in Javascript, while using HTML and CSS to mimic the mockups created by our designer. I have personally built 2 modules from scratch (points calendar and weeks calculator) and refactored a previously existing module (the vacation planner) replacing 90% of the previous code with a much improved version allowing for greater code maintainability and run-time efficiency.

I have been tasked with coding a wide variety of functionality. I've created scripts to build a 'print view' in a new window to be PDF compatible. I have created modules that follow specific and complicated functionality based on strict business rules involving precise calculations from various data sources. I have built my code to be maintainable and highly efficient, using CSS transitions for animations, whenever possible, and using coding best practices.



Song Reqest App

Ever been at your favorite club and want to request a song but don't want to interrupt the great time you're having with your friends or have to make the long trek across the club to scribble down your song on a piece of paper which the DJ may or may not ever see?

I created 'MeJ' (play on the acronym 'DJ') as a modern-day substitute for the archaic process of manually writing in song requests.

MeJ allows individual venues and DJs to create their own accounts and provide their users with a live request list by providing a unique URL for the current playlist.

Feature's of MeJ:

  • Customers can search for nearly any song (MeJ leverages the Spotify API) and add them to the current playlist they are viewing
  • To prevent duplication, requests for a song that was already added will simply add a thumbs up or 'vote' to that song
  • User's/DJs can sort the list using a variety of criteria such as 'time added', 'song already played', and 'number of votes'
  • Venues/DJs have their own admin panel to give them full control over the playlist, such as adding/removing songs, marking songs as 'played', creating new playlists or switching to previously made ones, getting unique playlist URLs to post on websites or social media for patrons to easily access, and even inputting drink specials which will show in a pop-up to the user upon first visit each night.

MeJ was built using the React Javascript framework, Node/Express, and MongoDB while also accessing the Spotify API for music search capabilities.


Bates and Company

Mobile App

Bates and Company's iOS and Android applications.

Built using Adobe Phonegap and the Apache Cordova for creating cross-platform web applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Application leverages platform APIs to:

  • Open address in user's default map/directions program
  • Open user's default email application with predefined email criteria
  • Open phone number in user's default phone application
  • Leverage the in-app-browser to allow user's access to company's Sharefile portal


Spotify App

Personal project built around this premise:

Have you ever been browsing music on your favorite music app and hear an awesome new song from an artist you love only to realize the album it was on came out over 6 months ago? It's nearly impossible to keep up with all my favorite artists so that's why I created Chronoalbums; a simple application that will gather all the artists in your Spotify library then sort all their albums in chronological order

  • Leverages Spotify API
  • Primarily Uses Vanilla Javascript
  • Handles Authorization Tokens

NOTE:Rate limiting may cause the app to not work properly or take longer. This is a known issue due to the limits of using a free developer account.



React.js Playground

A place for me to experiment with React.js development. Sub-page (components) include:

  • Use of Javascript to access native mobile functionality and hardware
  • Night and Day: CSS transitions and keyframe animations
  • SQL Playground
  • More to come...

LoveThroughChrist V2

Dating Site

A free Christian dating website.

A dating website for Christians that combines many features of popular dating websites, such as:

  • Facebook integration for pre population of profile data as well as allowing users to choose photos and videos from Facebook for use on their profiles.
  • Users may set preferences for searching, which finds users within a specified distance of the user's hometown location (Google Maps API).
  • Users cannot message another user unless they have sent them a 'wink'.
  • Live feedback of new activity such as new messages and 'winks'.
  • Persistent/live saving for most data (unless specified).
  • Allows users to write testimonials for friends or dates which require approval from user before posting to their profile.

This is the 2nd version of my dating website. Originally built using the MEAN stack, I rebuilt the application from scratch using the Meteor Full-Stack Javascript Framework built on Node. Uses MongoDB for database storage. Meteor makes use of data subscriptions, predictive database updates, and leverages the use of web sockets to allow for a very fast and seamless experience for users with all data changes, relevant to a user, happening in real-time.

Use of Git for source code management, Mongolab for MongoDB hosting and Digital Ocean for app hosting.

NOTE: I'm no longer hosting this application but can provide source code for inspection, if desired.

Crazy Conveyor

Physics-Based Web Game

A physics-based web game.

A web game that tasks users with throwing red blocks off the production line while leaving the green ones. For each green block thrown off or for each red block that reaches the chute, the player loses a point. For each green block that reaches the chute, the player earns a point.

Built using the Matter.js Javascript physics engine and API.

Portfolio Physics Demo

Physics Demo

A physics-based mini-project

An interactive, portfolio-based Javascript application.

Built using the Matter.js Javascript physics engine and API.


Dating Site

A free Christian dating website.

A dating website for Christians that combines many features of popular dating websites, such as:

  • Facebook integration for pre population of profile data as well as allowing users to choose photos and videos from Facebook for use on their profiles.
  • Users may set preferences for searching, which finds users within a specified distance of the user's hometown location (Google Maps API).
  • Users cannot message another user unless they have sent them a 'wink'.
  • Live feedback of new activity such as new messages and 'winks'.
  • Persistent/live saving for most data (unless specified).
  • Allows users to write testimonials for friends or dates which require approval from user before posting to their profile.

A personal project built from scratch using the MEAN.io fullstack framework boilerplate, which includes MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. The site is an ongoing work on progress and a way for me to continue learning these technologies and new techniques and concepts within them.

Use of Git for source code management, Mongolab for Mongo hosting and Heroku for app hosting.

NOTE: I am no longer hosting the Angular (MEAN stack) version of this site and have since rebuilt it using the Meteor framework. The source still exists on Github if code inspection is desired.


Xulon Press

Xulon Press's spiritual successor to their original Einstein backend employee dashboard

Worked with a group of 8 other developers from many different disciplines to create an entirely new employee dashboard completely from scratch using the Laravel 4 MVC Framework (PHP) along with AngularJS and jQuery.

I was personally responsible for various functionality including file uploading, AJAX enrichment, project note scripts, CRUD operations and database schema planning, along with maintaining a constant feedback loop with my supervisor and relevant employees.

** Code and sample viewing unavailable due to project oonfidentiality agreement with Xulon Press **

Object-Oriented Javascript

Form Validation

Simple form validation using object-oriented Javascript

Songrize - Splash Page

Music Discovery App

Built this splash page for my client's application currently in beta. Is 100% mobile responsive and makes use of CSS animations and transitions.

Responsive Custom Wordpress Theme


A small project to recreate the Ascentus website using only Photoshop files for generating assets and as a point of reference for site design. Development environment involved use of Node.js and Grunt.js for compiling SASS, linting HTML, and minifying scripts using Uglify.js and other relevant packages.

Site was converted to a custom Wordpress theme and provides different styles for both desktop and mobile (breakpoint at 699 pixels).

The site features 100% custom hover and scroll-based animations and transitions. As an added feature, users may type the word 'mario' on the website to display an 'easter egg' animation.

DISCLAIMER: This was a test project for potential applicants based on a previous version of their website. I am not allowed to host this due to copyright issues since I do not own any of the assets contained within, however, the zip file containing this entire project can be found in this git repository via pages-> ascentus -> ascentus.zip

Financial Forest

Fin Cap Dev

"Leave paycheck-to-paycheck life behind with Financial Forest. This goal-setting app will help you save one month of expenses. Enter your average monthly spending and a target date. You'll receive your weekly savings assignment by text message. Save money and grow with us."

Worked with 3 other colleagues to build a financial planning phone application for the Fin Cap Dev competition held in San Francisco, California in the middle of June 2013, to compete against 12 other finalists. We recieved Honorable Mention putting us in 4th place and alotting our team a $5000 prize.

I was personally responsible for the back-end development of our application. We employed extensive use of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP and MYSQL. We deployed the application onto the Google Play store using the Adobe Phonegap Build framework.

Digital Privacy Notice

Web Application

Provides a scalable template for the display of a digital privacy notice. Content is generated from an XML file which can be changed by the client and uploaded without the need of a web developer.

This application was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, A slider-based Javascript plugin, PHP and MySQL, along with a complimenting XML file which is needed for content. The application is intended for use on mobile devices, as the user is expected to swipe through each slide. All core code, animations and transitions are 100% custom built by me.

Node + Express + MongoDB

Brett Connolly

"Node.JS application built using the Express.JS framework along with MongoDB for backend database storage.

Application showcases the Express.JS javascript framework which uses RESTful API procedures to apply all CRUD operations on the MongDB NoSQL document database using AJAX calls. Allows users to create database records, read user information, update user information, and delete users from the database.

Viewing unavailable as I do not currently have a dedicated IP for hosting the site. I can provide code, if needed.


Image Upload App

Laravel 4

"A sample site built using the Laravel 4 PHP framework.

Site handles user login and signup, along with authentication and allows users to upload and delete images (pending).

Code Quiz

Brett Connolly

"A simple responsive application that quizzes users on various programming languages.

Uses HTML5/CSS3, and jQuery. Questions and answers are pulled from a dynamically changing JSON document. Questions are rearranged so users don't get the exact same order of questions each time.

CHEP Mobile App


Allows company executives the ability to browse confidential corporate data on or offline using a mobile device (although it was optimized for any viewing device).

An application I built at my internship at CHEP. The purpose of this project was to build a jQuery mobile based web application that dynamically generates it's content through the parsing of an external JSON file. I employed use of the Local Storage function in HTML5 to allow for offline browsing of my application.

Personal Logo

Brett Connolly

Most recent logo redesign. Created using Adobe Illustrator.


University of Central Florida

Grabbing first place in my class competition, this shopping application allows users to scan products (native only) which are added onto a persistent application shopping cart which keeps an ongoing total of items added to the user's cart. Features include store specific pricing, product information updates allowed by the user, dynamic computations based on user input and coupon/discount entry.

I was the sole back-end developer for this project. I used HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PHP and MYSQL technologies along with parsing JSON via AJAX API calls to 2 different product APIs for data population.

Knight Scavenger

University of Central Florida

An application that aids UCF students with campus orientation by giving them a photo scavenger hunt to complete with their smartphones. Users must take photographs at the correct locations, aided by live GPS tracking. Scripts allow for individual user image uploads into their own personal, online folders. The application also allows for admin login in order to verify proper user submitted photos.

Was 1 of 2 back-end developers, in which I handled all of the user-based operations and functionality. We used HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PHP and MYSQL.

Typographic Portrait

University of Central Florida

Created in Matthew Dombrowski's Typographic Design Class at the University of Central Florida

Songrize - Original

Custom CSS Animations

Custom site built using custom CSS animatons and transitions. Design and animations all created by me.

Lee James Floral


Website built during my tenure at VGlobalTech. The site was built using Wordpress and a pre-made template having heavily customized many of the images, jQuery/Javascript and HTML/CSS.

Hulu App

University of Central Florida

The purpose of this project was to emulate the Hulu Ipad application by employing the use of DOM scripting WITHOUT the use of JQuery to better understand its core use syntax.

Greenpath Energy Solutions


Website built over the course of a month during my tenure at VGlobalTech using the Joomla content management system. Site was built using a Rocketheme template but contains a very large amount of custom code and self created content.

Joomla Portfolio

Brett Connolly

My previous porfolio design built using the Joomla content management system and the Leviathan template from Rockettheme. All artistic assets outside of the template are self created.

Guardian Water Services


Website built during my tenure at VGlobalTech using the Wordpress content management system. Site was built using an elegant theme template. Did a fair amount of customization of html and css.

Other Designs

Brett Connolly

Other designs created throughout the years:


Brett Connolly

This application searches A user's Last.FM account then finds shows for those artists in whichever zipcode is entered by the user. Connects to Last.FM and SongKick APIs to dynamically generate concert list.

Project uses HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, AJAX and PHP.

Other Websites

Brett Connolly

Other websites i've built, either while I was at VGlobalTech or freelancing:






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